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Life at ZWM: The Perfect Mix of Work and Fun

As everyone knows that, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and basically there is no fun in working all the time. At Zoom Web Media, we do believe in working hard and partying harder when we have the opportunity.

We are known for completing each and every one of the Digital Marketing projects on time. Amongst all the qualities that set us apart from others, on time delivery of service and projects is there amongst the most important ones.

    The R&R:

  • To celebrate our success, high quality of work and to keep us happy and refreshed, we have an R&R organized at every quarter of the year. It is a day taken off from work to appreciate the hard work done by the employees. It is an evening of music, dance, food and ultimate enjoyment. The management awards these successful people with tokens for their effort and inspires them to do better in the next quarter.
  • ZWM Birthday Bash:

  • On every birthday of Zoom Web Media, we celebrate the day with much fan fare and fun. We organize a cultural program comprising of dancing, singing, acting, magic shows and each of the performer is associated with Zoom Web Media in one capacity or other. We believe in having fun while bonding with our colleagues, and that makes each of these birthday celebrations special, memorable and unique. Enjoying such a heartfelt program organized by a Digital Marketing agency is not common these days. We are different and will remain so, always.
  • Annual Cricket Match:

  • It is a day full of fun, where the whole Zoom Web Media celebrates and explore a local attraction. The day is dedicated to enjoy the feeling of belonging in a family, the ZWM family.
  • Birthday Celebrations:

  • Along with celebrating ZWM’s birthday, we do celebrate the birthday of each and every member of the team. It is a time to come together as a family and share this special day with the birthday boy or girl.
  • Games and Events:

  • On special days like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Easter and such, we have various games and events organized to enjoy the day with our team members.

All in all, life at Zoom Web Media, is the perfect combination of fun and work which keeps us rejuvenated all through the year and inspire to work better.

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